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Mission Statement


Lufthansa Technik Turbine Shannon is a world class provider of aero engine component repair services to airlines and engine overhaul shops. We excel in terms of service, engineering competence and the value we provide to customer, co-workers and shareholders.

Lufthansa Technik Turbine Shannon is an integral part of Lufthansa Technik's International Production Network and operates in the spirit of the Group's Vision.

We will be recognised by our Customers and the Aviation Industry as a premiere business partner for leading technology repair services. We will achieve a strong partnership with our customers through providing..

• Reliable quality service.

• Value to our customers operation.

through having..

• Skilled and motivated workforce.

• Focus on continuous improvement in quality of product & processes.

and by..

• Our commitment to integrity and transparency.

We are committed to environmental protection and conservation of resources and we promote a safe working environment.

Through creative, innovative and conscious development of our business, we aim to maximise the value provided to our customers, co-workers and shareholders.


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